Making HPMSM in Malaysia

Element 25 Limited (E25) is completing a Feasibility Study on the construction of a high purity manganese sulphate conversion facility located in the Samalaju Industrial Park in Malaysia.

HPMSM Location Plan Sarawak Malaysia

Company executives and technical team members visited Sarawak in May 2022 to meet with Sarawak Deputy Premier and Minister of International Trade and Investment Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan as well as MIDA delegates and local consulting groups who can assist in project delivery once a site is finalised.  

Samalaju Industrial Park Malaysia

Samalaju Industrial Park, Sarawak Malaysia

The Sarawak Deputy Premier and his delegation subsequently met with E25 senior project team members in Perth Western Australia. During the meeting, Element 25 further briefed the Sarawak delegation on the proposed investment in the manufacturing plant (subject to regulatory approvals and project financing).

Manganese is emerging as an increasingly important ingredient for EV batteries, with the potential supply constraints for nickel and cobalt forcing battery manufacturers to look to high manganese cathodes to produce the vast amount of cathode material required for the EV industry.

The Company is currently completing a Feasibility Study  for the Project. The FS is examining the potential to design a location agnostic conversion facility which can potentially be built in multiple locations to match growing demand from the battery industry, with a “design one – build many” (DOBM) philosophy. The FS is also undertaking location specific investigations into the suitability of a Malaysian location for the first of the proposed HPMSM conversion facilities.

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